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About Bryan

Dr. Bryan Abasolo is a licensed Chiropractor in Florida, and Texas, with approximately ten years of clinical experience.  Bryan’s career quickly expanded into the entertainment realm becoming a celebrity persona following ABC’s The Bachelorette, where he was the winner of the show and became engaged to America’s Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay.  With a passion for a healthy lifestyle and a lean and toned physique, Bryan’s trade name has become Dr. Abs - The Lifestyle and Wellness Coach. Appearing on popular shows, such as The Doctors, Dr. Abs' coaching focuses on lifestyle initiatives to educate his viewers on the benefit of chiropractic adjustments and treatment, combined with natural supplements, and core body training, as a pivotal part of maintaining an overall healthy body.

Look to see Bryan in public appearances, the media, and television shows discussing the Dr. Abs core lifestyle.