Dr.Abs e-Book


Not sure where to start when it comes to changing the way you eat?  

Abs Start In The Kitchen is the perfect step-by-step beginners guide for those eager to transform  their physique through healthy eating habits, or for those curious on how to apply today’s popular diets to create long-term healthy habits. 

  • Designed for mobile devices, whether to read in the kitchen or while on-the-go shopping, this electronic book (e-book) begins by exploring Bryan Abasolo, D.C.’s own story of both struggle and triumph when it came to starting his daunting nutritional journey.

  • The book walks the reader through the vital “kitchen purge” process to create a positive and healthy home setting and goes on by outlining vital secrets to guide readers in forming healthy eating habits.  

  • Bryan also breaks down the four major diet trends - Keto, Paleo, Vegan, and Plant based - by explaining how these diets work and by outlining complete grocery lists, along with detailed meal plans for easy home cooking.

Dive into this book, alongside Bryan’s motivation and coaching, and learn how you can take control of your life today, and it all starts by eating healthy in your kitchen!

With purchase, this e-book includes:

  • Key tips on purging your kitchen and pantry from the dreaded ab killers.

  • Bryan Abasolo’s healthy eating tips and secrets to maintaining abs.  

  • Top 10 foods to stay lean.

  • Breakdown on trending diets like Keto, Vegan, Paleo, and Plant-Based, and guidance on which would work best for you!

  • Four complete weeks of step-by-step recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and post-workout) for preparing keto, paleo, vegan and plant-based diets plus complete shopping lists for each diet!

  • Suggested diet supplements to sustain energy and feel your best throughout the day.

  • Next-step instructions for one-on-one diet coaching with my team!

  • Plus more!